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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sissy Cartoons!

A few sissy cartoons that I adore......!

smoking pictures

The reason this sissy thinks that smoking is sexy! Every woman should smoke and so should every sissy!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


About You

Do you use hormones?

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future though.

Have you (or do you plan to) get surgery?
I dont know, it depends how I feel in the future and if I feel like I should become a true woman.

What is your female name?

Are you straight, gay or bi?

Do you consider yourself a male or female?
I am male, with definate leanings towards female.

Do you cross-dress for a sexual thrill?

Do you read gay or straight porn?
Straight and TG

Do you have other fetishes?
High heels, pantyhose/stockings, smoking

Are you a closet CD or have you come out?

Could you pass for a woman?
No, not at the moment. In the furute I hope to.

Favorite artcle of women's clothing?
Pantyhose/Stockings and high heels.

Favorite purse?
I like plane black leather purses - they go with everything

Faveorite pair of women's shoes?
5 or 6 inch pumps or sandels. I also love high heel boots.

Favorite kind of lingerie?
I love any lacy, black lingerie. Some french cut panties, matching bra and some thigh highs or some pantyhose.

Favorite brand of make-up?
Maybeline, No. 7

Favorite brand of hose?

Forget boxers and briefs! Panties or thongs?

Thigh highs, knee highs or pantyhose?
Pantyhose. Or if I am a lucky girl, Thigh highs under pantyhose!

Skirts or dresses?
I love both, but if I had to chose, probably skirts.

Bra or bustier?

Tanga or boy shorts?
Boy shorts

If you cross-dress at the beach, bikini or 1-piece?
1 piece

Night out with girl friends or CD friends?
CD friends!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My first cigarettes!

Well, after browsing the adult hypnotise site (the one where the cocksucker program is) I found a "how to get addicted to smoking" page.

Well, this sissy has had a little thing for women who smoke for as long as he can remember. All the naughty girls at high school used to smoke, and they were the sexiest!
So, as a sissy, I think that it is only right that I should at least sometimes smoke, to make myself feel sexier! I mean, what can be more sexy than your ideal woman seductivly smoking a cigarette, smoke slowly escaping her full lips?

I have 'smoked' cigarettes before, though I have never inhaled before, just let the smoke stay in my mouth. Tonight however, remembering the little I read from the hypno website, I inhaled!
Oh my! My little clitty actually became stiff, my head swirled and my lungs felt full!

I remembered to hold the cigarette like a girl too! Right at the end of my fingers.

I loved it so much, this may make me a smoker full time it felt so good!

hmm!!! It does kind of work!

Hypnotic Cocksucker Program!

Link from Barbie Boys blog. I watched it for a few minutes and it implanted the idea! I am going to watch it for a bit longer to see if the feelings are stronger!

Panties, Tights, High Heels

I think these three garments are the one thing that makes a sissy (this sissy anyway) the most excited!

The first thing that drew me to wearing them are that they are the peices of clothing that signify to me what it is to be a woman. I think that every male has some desire somewhere to wear panties, and everyone who tries will know just how soft they actually are! Wear them once and you will never want to go back to wearing boys underwear!
The silky soft feeling of them, the nice close fit against my little clitty, they are fantastic! And they are just some white cotton panties!

Tights/Pantyhose are also another must for sissies to feel truely femme. From opening the package and selecting a pair to slip on, gathering them together and the first feeling of the silky nylon on my toes, sliding them up over my calfs, my thighs and then my ass! Oh my!
To then look down, or in a mirror, at my legs, all shiney and silky smooth makes me feel so femme. Especially if I am wearing some panties underneath.

The sexiest of all things girlie though has to be the shoes! I have a huge high heel fetish, and who can blame me?!?!
These are my ultimate sissy shoes.
Arent they pretty? I will eventually own them in all the colours available, and I will be able to wear them for every mood I will be in! Feeling innocent and girlie? Pink and white! With some nice white cotton panties and some white stockings or pantyhose. Feeling slutty? (Every sissy has her slutty side!!!) and It HAS to be black and red/red and black. Of course finished off with some black or red stockings.

I just thought I would talk about my three favorite girlie things!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Hello everyone, this is my first post in what will be my sissy diary!

I am just starting out on my journey into becoming a sissy girl. I am a 22 year old bicurious male who has the desire to dress and act like a girl.
It started when I was entering puberty. Occasionally I would slip on some of my mums tights to masturbate. At the time I had no idea why I wanted to do this other than I LOVED the material, it was so soft and felt so sexy.
Later I would combine this with wearing some high heels, painting my nails, maybe putting lipstick on, then all of a sudden, I stopped and started to have regular teen male thoughts and desires, which I still have!

However, around 4 years ago I started to look at pantyhose porn and realised that I have had this fetish since puberty!
At first it took me a while to understand that I had a pantyhose and high heel fetish, but I am so glad that I realised this. Overtime it developed from just seeing women wearing the shoes and pantyhose to wanting to wear them myself.

Now I realise that I want to be a sissy. I am coming to realise that I am bicurious and that I want to combine this with my dressing as a girl.
These are my first steps towards sissyhood and I am nervous, but excited by it!
I have fallen in love with my first pair of high heels and have even started day dreaming about them and at night dreaming sissy dreams about men!

More to come!